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On this site I publish my Delphi freeware components and programs. You can download the sources of all of them. They can be used both private and commercially. If you make changes or translate them to other languages please send me a copy of the sources.


These applications are no longer maintained by me since I switched my OS to Linux.


TPhantom_7.0 (English and German version)
Features: 1) The application can be made invisible (from desktop and taskmanager). This prevents that the user can close the application. (!!! Windows NT does not support hiding from the taskmanager, it will be ignored. !!!)
2) You can place an icon in the taskbar. If the user clicks on it events will occur or popupmenus are shown.
3) The button in the taskbar can be flashed. The time can be changed.
4) It is possible to choose the priority of the application from idle to real-time.
5) The component is able to get and set the cursor position, mouse-clicks can be simulated.
6) The component can simulate the input of a string by keyboard.
7) Keyboard and mouse input can be blocked

DownloadDownload TPhantom 7.0 (Delphi 2 or higher) [13 KB]


TMessinstrument (German version)
This is a progress component like TGauge, made to show a voltage meter.
Features: 1) There are 4 styles: needle, vertical bar, horizontal bar and pie.
2) The colors of the elements can be changed.
3) The exact value can be displayed.
4) It is possible to choose a unit for this value.
5) There is a minimum and a maximum for the value.

DownloadDownload TMessinstrument (Delphi 2 or higher) [4 KB]



NetControl 1.2 (Beta and only German version)
This application can control other computers over LAN. The results can be regarded directly at the integrated screenshot. The application is divided into a hidden client and a server.
Features: 1) The screenshot is updated automatically.
2) password is needed to control client
3) mouse control with simulation of mouse clicks on the client desktop and swapping of the mousebuttons.
4) The background image can be changed.
5) You can play wav-files on the client.
6) Messages can be displayed on the client.
7) It is possible to show an image on the client desktop.
8) The client and Windows can be closed.
9) You can execute applications on the client.
10) Internet pages can be shown on the client.
10) The CD-ROM can be opened or closed.

DownloadDownload NetControl (with Setup) [1638 KB]

DownloadDownload NetControl (source code; Delphi 5 Pro or higher) [28 KB]


Soundmachine (German version)
This application provides 24 buttons to play sounds. The images and sounds of the buttons are userdefined.
Features: 1) 24 buttons
2) background and button images userdefinable

DownloadDownload Soundmachine [216 KB]

DownloadDownload Soundmachine (Sourcecode) [11 KB]


BCard 1.1 (German version, only Windows 9x)
This is a screensaver with chipdrive support. It locks the screen until the right keycard is put in.
Features: 1) Screen can be protected by chipcard (and password)
2) Background is userdefinenable
3) The program is able to create random security cards
4) Autodetection of the chipdrive port

DownloadDownload BCard [825 KB]

DownloadDownload BCard (Sourcecode, needs TSmartcard(Towitoko Developer pack)) [14 KB]